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 Olive oil

The feature of the farm is the about 5,000 centuries-old olive trees.

From the fruits of these plants, real natural sculptures, we extract a “special” organic farmed extra virgin olive oil (ICEA IT BIO 006 B2254 controlled). Extracted by cold press milling from the Tuscan cultivars of frantoio, moraiolo, and leccino. Produced and packaged on the farm.

… for my great-grandfather an olive plant was a dowry; for my grandmother, the first pressing of the season was a source of celebration and pride; I remember being next to the jars of the old oil mill, still in operation, where we waited to dip the slice of bread in the just pressed oil
“… this, guys, is the new oil! …”
For me these memories are the stimuli to continue to take care of those plants that they loved so much because they are part of the history of my family.