CORTE DEGLI ULIVI organic agritourism offers its guests mountain bikes, to ride on the paths of the farm to discover uncontaminated nature (consider that you are within a farm that has been organic for more than 20 years and that means a lot!). It will not be difficult to meet hares, roe deer, and pheasants perhaps hidden among the rows of vines or under the shade of an olive tree. And breathe the aromas of the Tuscan Maremma (broom, myrtle, mint, wild fennel, and chives).

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Ringraziamo Fausto Ciacci per la gentile collaborazione.
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Bagno di Roselle

Total distance: 32084 m
Total climbing: 881 m
Total descent: -878 m
Total Time: 03:12:00
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Santa Maria di Rispescia

Total distance: 33396 m
Total climbing: 419 m
Total descent: -425 m
Total Time: 03:20:13
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Mulattiera Montepescali

Total distance: 5846 m
Total climbing: 293 m
Total descent: -316 m
Total Time: 00:34:42
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Batignano Monteleoni

Total distance: 43231 m
Total climbing: 1196 m
Total descent: -1103 m
Total Time: 04:18:20
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Nomadelfia Marruchetone

Total distance: 49440 m
Total climbing: 689 m
Total descent: -675 m
Total Time: 04:56:23
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Romitorio Montepescali

Total distance: 36144 m
Total climbing: 553 m
Total descent: -552 m
Total Time: 03:36:09
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Montepescali Ippovia

Total distance: 29427 m
Total climbing: 278 m
Total descent: -278 m
Total Time: 02:56:08
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